Storm Damage

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Storm Damage

Representing Property Owners in Storm Damage Insurance Claims

The rainy season in Florida can be challenging for many property owners. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, tropical storms, and even hurricanes can sweep through different parts of our state, causing unavoidable damage to many homes and other buildings. If your home incurred damage due to a storm, you likely plan on turning to your homeowner’s insurance company for help. However, be prepared for possible complications to arise before you receive the necessary payment for repairs.

At The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, P.A., we know how difficult property insurance companies can be, especially after widespread damage. Companies often deal with numerous claims following a storm, and the processing time can be delayed significantly. In the end, your insurer might make an offer that is far lower than expected. To make this process go smoother, and to ensure you receive the full benefits you deserve, contact a storm damage lawyer in Orlando for assistance with your claim.

Standing Up to Insurance Companies

Storm damage can involve wind damage, rain coming in through roof leaks, flooding, and more. It may be necessary to file different claims with different companies, depending on the type of damage that occurred. Each insurer can be difficult, often doing one or more of the following:

  • Trying to reduce the value of your claim
  • Requesting excessive or repetitive documents or evidence
  • Delaying your claim without reason
  • Offering far less than you need for repairs

Learn How Our Storm Damage Lawyers in Orlando Can Help

The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, P.A., knows that you need your insurance benefits to repair your property as soon as possible. We can handle your claim from start to finish, always fighting for maximum compensation under your policy. Call 407.588.0343 or contact us online to consult with an Orlando storm damage attorney for free today.