Did You Slip and Fall While Grocery Shopping?

Did You Slip and Fall While Grocery Shopping?

Whether you make a weekly trip to the grocery store or you visit the store nearly every day for a few forgotten items, you likely don’t think twice about navigating the aisles of food and other household necessities – that is until you slip and fall down while shopping and end up in the emergency room for treatment for an injury.

Slip and fall injuries can be surprisingly serious, and medical treatment can be costly. You also might need to miss work while you recover, leading to lost income. Because of the many different losses that can be associated with slip and fall accidents, it is important to know when a grocery store should be liable for your accident and injuries.

Common Hazards in Grocery Stores

There are many different hazards that can exist in grocery stores, especially because of all the food and beverages sold there. Store management and employees should regularly be inspecting each aisle for any possible hazards that might cause a customer to slip and fall. Some hazards might include:

  • Liquid that spilled on the floor
  • Newly mopped and wet floors without caution signs
  • Items or debris on the floor
  • Displays that protrude into walkways
  • Entranceways that are not properly cleaned and cleared

When a store does not address a hazard in a timely manner and an unsuspecting patron slips, falls, and injures themselves, the store should be responsible for all medical bills and other losses stemming from the injury.

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