Can You Still File Injury Claims During a Pandemic?

Can You Still File Injury Claims During a Pandemic?

Just because the world is increasingly on lockdown each day due to the COVID-19 outbreak does not mean that life has come to a screeching halt. While your day-to-day might be different than usual, you still must fill the hours with your family by engaging in different activities around the house. Unless you are on strict quarantine, you are likely leaving the house sporadically to visit the pharmacy and grocery stores.

Accidents and unexpected injuries are not put on hold during a pandemic. People can still be injured in their homes due to defective products, and traffic crashes will keep occurring as long as there are cars on the road. What happens if you sustain injuries while most of the world is on lockdown?

Seek the Medical Help You Need

While showing up at the emergency room is not recommended, you should still call 911 if you believe you need emergency treatment following an accident. The medical responders can assess the situation and take necessary action. If it is not an emergency, you should speak with your local urgent care or physician to see if they have a safe time for you to come in. Getting a diagnosis and treatment is imperative for your health and for a possible insurance claim.

Speak with an Attorney

Most insurance companies are continuing operations remotely during this time. However, you still want legal representation for your claim. If someone else caused your injuries, you should seek assistance from a law firm that is operating and advocating for clients through telework.

Contact an Experienced Insurance Claims and Injury Lawyer in Orlando

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