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Coronavirus has slowed our lives considerably, but it shouldn’t make your homeowner’s claim drag on. Obtain the compensation you need to repair your home to your specifications by working closely with a dedicated insurance claims attorney.

The coronavirus has altered how we go about our lives in almost every conceivable way, and if you have a homeowner’s claim, it’s only natural to wonder if that, too, will be affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, the short answer is no, your homeowner’s claim shouldn’t be delayed due to COVID-19 – most insurance companies are operating normally. If you do have a homeowner’s claim, however, you’re well-advised to seek the professional legal counsel of an experienced Orange County insurance claims attorney to help ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled and that you need to cover your home’s full range of damages. 

Your Homeowner’s Claim

If your home has been damaged – either in one of Florida’s infamous storms or in any other way – making repairs sooner rather than later is always in your best interest, and this involves filing a homeowner’s claim with your insurance provider. While this should be a fairly straightforward process and you probably think you should simply allow the insurance company to do its job, it’s often not that easy. 

Your homeowner’s insurance provider is in business to make money, and this can involve either of the following:

  • Minimizing your settlement amount to the point that it doesn’t cover your home’s full array of damages.
  • Denying your homeowner’s claim outright. 

You purchased homeowner’s insurance in good faith that you’d be covered in the event of an accident, and you owe it to yourself and to the integrity of your home to fight for your rightful compensation. 

Homeowner’s Claims and COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business in surprising ways, but one thing it hasn’t significantly changed – or even seriously slowed down – is the insurance claims process. A successful claims process involves skilled negotiations, and this can – and usually does – take place on the phone and via electronic communication. While you will need a claims adjuster to come to your home and inspect the damage, it isn’t difficult to manage this task while incorporating the tenets of social distancing. 

Protecting Your Claim

Even relatively minor damage to your home is likely to be expensive, and you want to obtain quality repairs that preserve the integrity, value, and inherent comfort of your home. An experienced insurance claims attorney will skillfully negotiate with the insurance representative on behalf of your best interests. 

Consult with an Experienced Orange County, Florida, Insurance Claims Attorney Today

The dedicated Orange County insurance claims attorneys at The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul are here for you during the pandemic – and beyond. Our skilled legal team is committed to helping you resolve your homeowner’s claim favorably. We’re on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (407) 588-0343 today.

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