Tropical Storm Colin- 5 Steps to Protect Your Home & Business During a Storm

Being only a few days into hurricane season, we already have our first event on the horizon. Tropical storms and hurricanes alike bring powerful winds and dump tons of rain, while increasing the likelihood of flooding and tornados. With Tropical Storm Colin already wreaking havoc on Florida’s west coast, we’d thought it would be useful to share a quick checklist in how to prepare for a storm.

  1. Update your insurance. Make sure you have a policy that matches your needs.
  2. Secure your windows and doors. Broken doors and windows can let in rain, wind, and debris while increasing the pressure under your roof. Hurricane shutters or boarding up your windows and using deadbolt locks are preferred.
  3. Protect your roof. Consider hurricane straps to ensure your roof is bolted to the rest of your house. Inspect your roof tiles or shingles to make sure they are secure. Loose roof titles become deadly projectiles in high winds!
  4. Trim your trees. Fall trees and fractured branches are a main cause of insurance claims. Be sure to do a little landscaping prior to the storm.
  5. Take inventory of everything in your home. The last thing you want to be doing after you’ve been affected by a storm is to try to remember everything you had in the house. Store this list electronically in the cloud. Download Dropbox or use your iCloud. Storms may be comprised of clouds, but your electronic information is safe in the cloud.

As Tropical Storm Colin carves its path through central and northern Florida over the next several days, bringing high winds and heavy rains, be sure to take steps to ensure you are protected. Despite even the best precautions, these storms are powerful and cause damage. If you are a homeowner or business owner who suffers property damage, call our office for a free consultation about your rights.

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