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Too many people have valid insurance claims greatly reduced by insurance companies when they make their payment offers. Do not fall for their tactics and accept less than you deserve. Instead, contact an experienced Orlando insurance claims lawyer.

You pay premiums to your insurance company for years with the expectation that if and when the time comes, they will fairly compensate you for your losses. However, when you finally need to file a claim, you realize your expectations were far too high. Your insurance company doesn’t want to pay you what your claim is worth. 

Why? Because they are in business to make profits. If they pay everyone fairly for their claims, they won’t make as much profit. This is their bottom line. As such, they’ve developed and perfected many tactics to keep from paying claimants what they should for their claims. You can help avoid falling for those tactics with a skilled Orlando insurance claims attorney.

“You Don’t Need a Lawyer”

Insurance carriers know that if you hire a lawyer, they will pay more for your claim. They will tell you that they will take good care of you or that you’ll end up with more money for your claim if you don’t involve legal help. It simply isn’t true. Insurance companies want their claimants uninformed and unrepresented so that they can take advantage of them by paying less on their claim or even denying it all together for a reason you don’t understand. 

Offering a Quick Settlement

Insurance companies know that some claimants need money fast. They’ve got bills to pay, and they might be missing work. They are quick to offer a settlement, but that settlement will be much less than what your claim is worth. It’s best not to accept any settlement offer until you’ve had a chance to speak with an Orange County insurance claims lawyer.

Claiming Your Damages Aren’t Covered

Your insurance adjuster might tell you that your damages aren’t covered under your policy, even though it isn’t true. Don’t just take their word for it. Carefully examine your policy documents to determine what is covered and what isn’t. You might even want an attorney to review your policy to see if your insurance adjuster is just using another tactic. 

Asking You to Sign Statements or Forms

Another tactic insurance carriers will use to get you to sign releases and forms that void or preclude you from getting compensation. The forms can have language that tricks you into unknowingly admitting fault for an accident or waiving your rights to reimbursement. Be careful not to sign any forms or statements until you review them with an Orange County insurance claims attorney.

Get Help from an Experienced Orange County Insurance Claims Attorney Today

No matter what type of insurance claim you file, it’s likely that you will be subject to one or more of these tactics. By hiring an experienced Orange County insurance claims lawyer as soon as possible to represent you in your claim, you can substantially decrease the chances that you will fall for one of their tactics. Call the Law Offices of Jerrod Paul at (407) 588-0343 or contact us online today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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