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The true intentions of an insurance company can be deceiving. If you have been offered an injury settlement, it is crucial that you speak to an attorney first to determine if the amount you are being offered is fair and reasonable.  

No matter what you file an insurance claim for, insurance settlements are supposed to fairly compensate you for the damages you sustained. Unfortunately, many claimants innocently but mistakenly believe that insurance companies will provide them with a fair settlement and protect their interests. However, those filing insurance claims, especially for their personal injuries, need to rely on an experienced Orange County insurance claims attorney to determine if the settlement offered by the insurance company is fair. 

Understand the Agenda of the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are for profit. They are in the business to make money. The less they pay their claimants, the more they can keep in their own bank accounts. Some insurance adjusters will seem friendly and even express their concern and sympathy for what you have gone through or your injuries. Do not be deceived. Their agenda remains, and the less money they pay you, the more money they can keep for their company. It is always best to discuss any settlement offers you receive from the insurance company with a seasoned Orange County insurance claims lawyer.

Insurance Companies Want a Fast Settlement

While you should never delay reporting an incident or accident to the insurance company, be aware that the adjuster that gets assigned to your case will probably try to reach out to you as soon as possible. There are two main reasons for this. They want to take your recorded statement with hopes that you will say something to weaken your claim, which gives them a reason to offer you a lower settlement. 

They know that many personal injury victims are receiving medical bills and may be in a financial bind. As such, the adjuster wants to reach you as soon as possible to get you to agree to a low settlement while you are desperate for money and before you meet with an Orange County insurance claims attorney who will tell you that your settlement offer is too low.

Should You Agree to the Settlement Offer?

Generally speaking, you should never accept a settlement offer from an insurance company without first consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer. Having experience in the industry allows attorneys to have a pretty good idea as to what is a fair settlement in specific cases. It is more than likely that the settlement you are offered is too low. If you accept it without legal counsel, your claim is over, and you cannot give the settlement back to pursue a lawsuit or demand more.

Talk to an Orange County Insurance Claims Attorney First

Do not hesitate to get in touch for advice on whether or not the insurance company is offering you a fair settlement for your injuries. At the Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, our results speak for themselves. Schedule your free case evaluation today with an experienced Orange County insurance claims lawyer by calling (407) 588-0343 or contacting us online.

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Join our family, where you are a name not a number! Contact us now to see what your case is worth.