The Pulse Shooting- 5 Things to Know/Do in the Wake of this Horrible Tragedy

In the wake of the largest mass shooting in American history, Orlando and the country is already beginning the healing process. Over the next few days more details will emerge regarding the domestic terrorist attack that happened in downtown Orlando.

As more details roll in about the Pulse Shooting, here’s a quick list of things you can do to help along with some things you should know.

  • Give Blood- there has been a massive outpouring in people coming together to help in any way possible. Should you have the following blood types, look into donating.
    • Needed blood types: O Negative, O Positive, AB Plasma.
    • Visit for more information.
  • Support people giving support- One of the lone bright spots in such a horrible travesty is the outpouring of support the community is demonstrating. At OneBlood downtown, local supermarkets and individuals provided food and water for those who waited outside the facility to give blood. If you can do anything to help, do it!
  • Counseling– Grief is a product of tragedy. Should you find yourself needing to speak to a mental health professional contact Victim Services of Central Florida. The mental health community goes above and beyond during tragic times. Should you need services, please reach out.
  • Facebook– The folks at Facebook have provided people that live in the Central Florida community the ability to mark themselves safe. Marking yourself safe helps put out of town family and friends at ease.
  • Support– Lean on close family and friends in times of tragedy. If someone is processing their sadness, anger, and/or grief do your best to listen. Simply talking about your feelings is therapeutic and healing. This horrific and senseless act affects us all.
  • Tips– Should you know anything about the shooter or have any information that will help the cause, contact the FBI.

Our Central Florida community is strong, we are resilient, we will get through this tragedy together. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.

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