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Protect Your Rights after a Car Accident

Protect Your Rights after a Car Accident

Protect Your Rights after a Car Accident

After a car accident, you might know that you suffered injuries and that another driver was at fault. However, your opinion will not always be credible evidence in an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. In order to ensure your rights are fully protected, there are different steps you should take after a crash.

Call 911

Calling 911 will make sure the right emergency response professionals arrive on the scene. If you have serious injuries, you should get checked out by emergency medical technicians, and listen to them if they want to transport you in the ambulance.

Speak with the Police

Your 911 call should also bring law enforcement officers to the scene of the accident, and if you are able, you should give the officer your version of events. You want to ensure your statement is complete and accurate in the police report.

Gather Information

You cannot always depend on the police to collect all the necessary contact information from witnesses and other people involved in the crash. If you are able to remain at the scene, it can be a wise idea to collect contact information for yourself. Further, make note of nearby businesses, as they might have surveillance videos of the accident. You can also use your phone to take photos of the damage to all vehicles, road conditions, your injuries, and more.

Get a Medical Evaluation

If you didn’t need an ambulance ride, still head to the emergency room if you have any injuries. Getting an accurate diagnosis is important for a later claim.

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