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Florida homes and other properties are subject to all kinds of property damage caused by natural events, one of them being lightning strikes. If lightning damages your home or property, understanding how it happened and getting the help you need from an Orlando property damage claim lawyer is critical.

Lightning is a fascinating but powerful and potentially deadly act of nature. The National Weather Service reports that in 2019, there were 20 people who lost their lives as a direct result of lightning. On average, 26 Americans suffer the same fate each year. Florida tied with Texas for the most lightning deaths in 2019. Florida also had the highest number of lightning insurance claims in 2019, with over 6,800 of them totaling $93.2M. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), lightning strikes cause an average of $451 million in property damage annually.

If your home or other property became the target of a lightning strike, you might have new respect or disdain for this force. The good news is that you can reach out to an experienced Orlando property damage claim lawyer for help with your lightning damage claim. 

Types of Property Damage Caused by Lightning

Without a specific path to reach the ground, a lightning strike can attract any conductor available inside a house or other property. Among other things, the strike could use:

  • Cable lines
  • Phone lines
  • Electrical lines
  • Gas pipes
  • Water pipes

When lightning strikes a home or building, it commonly causes the following types of damages:


A fire can ignite anywhere a lightning channel comes into contact with flammable material, such as gas pipes, wood, or paper products. In addition, if lightning follows electrical wiring, it is prone to overheat, becoming a fire hazard.

Side Flashes

Side flashes or side slashes can injure anyone or anything in a room that happens to be in the way. These occur when lightning hits a taller object near a smaller object, and a portion of the current jumps from a taller object to the shorter object. In essence, the shorter object or person becomes a “short circuit” for some of the energy in the lightning discharge. Side flashes typically happen when the shorter object is within a foot or two of the object that is struck. 

Building Material Damage  

Building materials within the property are also at risk. Lightning or side flashes can cause damage to walls, concrete, plaster, and glass.

Shock Wave Damage

Lightning creates shock waves that have the potential to cause severe damage. These shock waves can brutally fracture concrete, brick, stone chimneys.

Appliance Damage

Any appliance or electronic device plugged into an affected circuit can be damaged or even destroyed, including TVs, computers, video game systems, microwaves, lamps, phones, washers, and toasters.

Call an Experienced Orlando Property Damage Claim Attorney Today for Help with Lightning Damage

If your home has been damaged by lightning, you may be experiencing many anxieties and emotions. You shouldn’t have to add the worry of whether or not your insurance company will pay you fairly. You need the advice of an experienced Orlando property damage claim lawyer at the Law Offices of Jerrod Paul. Call (407) 588-0343 or contact us online today to schedule your property damage consultation.

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