Wrongful death is an area of law related to the unexpected passing of a person due to the fault of another party.

The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul has the compassion and skill to handle a wide array of wrongful death cases. Many of our personal injury cases involved the sudden and unforeseen passing of a loved one. While our firm cannot replace the void left from a loved one, we can help make you whole again and protect your rights during this trying time.

When there is a wrongful death legal matter, the attorneys at the The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul can help you obtain damages for the following claims:

  • Obtain damages for the loss of a beloved relative
  • Recover and settle the estate and probate claims
  • Recover any and all damages in the past and in the future for the loss of income and family support the deceased family member contributedCompensation for the surviving relatives’ losses
  • Hold the liable party accountable for the accident
  • Recover funeral expenses

If you and your family have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another in any of a wide array of accidents, call Jerrod Paul.