Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury to no fault of their own. Persons injured may be entitled to damages, ranging from a few hundred to millions of dollars.

Personal injury is a broad legal field that encompasses many subspecialties.  A personal injury case can be formalized through civil court proceedings that seek to find others at fault through a judgment.  However, more commonly, such disputes may be resolved through settlement before any lawsuit is filed:

  • Out of court settlement:  Many cases never see the inside of a courtroom. On the civil side of law, many disputes over fault for an accident or injury are resolved through informal early settlement, usually among those personally involved in the dispute, their insurers, and attorneys representing both sides. A settlement commonly takes the form of negotiation, followed by a written agreement in which both sides forgo any further action (such as a lawsuit), choosing instead to resolve the matter through payment of an agreeable amount of money. Jerrod Paul and his team are committed to doing what is right, just, and fair for their clients.
  • Lawsuit: Sometimes a settlement cannot be reached. This is when a personal injury case typically is initiated. A private individual (the “plaintiff”) files a civil “complaint” against another person, business, corporation, or government agency (the “defendant”), alleging that they acted carelessly or irresponsibly in connection with an accident that caused harm. This action is known as the “filing of a lawsuit.”

If you are injured and another party is at fault, you may be entitled to damages. Damages awarded are based on a multitude of factors. Below is a list:

  • Damages for Losses to Real Estate
  • Lost Earnings
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Wrongful Death
  • Punitive Damages
  • Emotional Distress Damages
  • Economic Loss

Should you have been injured, and believe to not be at fault, give us a call. Our practice was founded practicing in the area of personal injury. We don’t collect a dime in legal fees unless you are awarded damages.