Negligent Security

Do you live in an apartment complex that has a security gate that the complex leaves open, allowing anyone to enter? Have you been injured by a person who gained entry to the complex because of faulty security? If so, you may have a case.

In most negligent security cases, the plaintiff (who has been injured) brings an action against the owner of the premises. The owner/operator(s) of the premise are in a position to control or prevent the incident where the plaintiff was injured from taking place. Companies have a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of patrons. When they fail to take reasonable steps to ensure the security of those patrons, they open themselves up to liability.

The general common law principle is that there is no duty to protect against harm caused by the criminal act of a third party. The exception is that a duty is imposed to take reasonable measures where such criminal acts are foreseeable. Does your apartment complex have a security gate, but routinely leaves it open, allowing non-residents access? This is an example of negligent security.

While its true most negligent security cases commonly occur on commercial premises, in some circumstances non commercial properties are involved. Malls, shopping centers, hotels, motels, office buildings, schools or parking garages are the most common (but not limited to) venues. The majority of cases arise from robberies and sexual assaults.

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