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It is imperative that you purchase all types of insurance coverage that are needed to protect your property. Even with this coverage, you might run into problems with insurance claims, and an Orange County insurance claims attorney can help. 

Insurance coverage is an essential part of taking care of the property that you own or are in charge of. However, insurance isn’t entirely effective unless you have all the coverages you need. If you fail to obtain certain types of coverage or coverage in the right amounts, you could be left in a difficult situation if something unexpected happens.

No matter what type of insurance you purchase, it’s essential to purchase enough of the right kinds of coverage. If you are going to take the time, expend the effort, and pay for your insurance policy, you should make sure you have the coverage you need should something unexpected occur. Our Orange County insurance claims attorneys often represent clients who didn’t purchase enough insurance before disaster struck. In these circumstances, there is often little that can be done to help.

Is Your Auto Insurance Coverage Complete?

Nearly every state, including Florida, has mandatory minimum insurance requirements. Liability coverage, or coverage that pays for the damages you cause others, is required. However, damages caused to your own car aren’t. Suppose you are leasing or still making loan payments on your vehicle. In that case, the titleholder requires that you purchase collision and comprehensive coverage as well as the state’s mandatory minimum liability insurance. 

Even if you own your vehicle outright, you may want to consider these types of insurance coverage. Collision coverage pays for damages to your car if the other party isn’t liable, doesn’t have insurance, or can’t be located. Comprehensive coverage pays for damages caused by other means such as weather.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Unless you’ve paid off your home, your lender requires you to have homeowner’s insurance that will pay to replace your home if damage occurs. If you own your home but don’t have this insurance, you run the risk of having to pay for damages or to rebuild your home yourself at your own costs.

Your home should be covered, as well as any other structures on your property, including fences. You might also want to add individual riders to your policy to cover items like computers or wedding rings if they are lost or stolen.

Having enough liability insurance on your homeowner’s policy is also crucial. If someone gets hurt on your property, you may need to rely on it to pay for their injuries and damages. For instance, if they fall down your stairs, get bit by your dog, or slip on your icy driveway, you could be responsible. If you don’t have enough liability insurance, your assets might be at stake. There may be little your Orange County insurance claims lawyer can do to help you without the proper coverage.

How an Orange County Insurance Claims Attorney Can Help 

Maybe your home suffered damage in a disaster, or perhaps you were in a car accident. Whatever circumstances led to your insurance issues, an Orange County insurance claims lawyer from the Law Offices of Jerrod Paul is available to help. You can schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (407) 588-0343 or contacting us online today.

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