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Just like you have rights and responsibilities under your insurance policy, so does your insurance carrier. However, many quickly seem to forget this fact or don’t take it seriously. If your claim is being delayed, don’t be afraid to seek legal help to protect your rights.

Paying your insurance premiums promptly and reporting any damage, and filing a claim on time is part of your responsibility as the insured. Insurance companies also have a duty to process and pay claims on time. Though they often tend to forget or rather ignore this fact. Suppose your insurance claim is delayed or taking a long time to be processed. In that case, it’s time to check in with a knowledgeable Orange County insurance claims attorney. They can help determine why your claim is being delayed, if it’s a valid reason, and what needs to be done to keep the process moving. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, they can help you hold them accountable. 

How Do Insurance Companies Delay Claims?

While there are some legitimate reasons for an insurance claim to be delayed, many times, it’s simply another sinister insurance company tactic. Insurance companies can delay claims by:

  • Stalling investigations 
  • Switching your representative or adjuster
  • Requesting unnecessary records and documents
  • Requesting information in small increments instead of all at once when they already know what they will need

Why are Insurance Claims Delayed?

It might seem like a hassle for insurance companies to delay the processing or payment of claims; however, there are some good reasons they take these actions. First, they hope that their delays will get you to give up and give in on your claim. They want you to get frustrated and go away, dropping your claim and relieving them of their obligation to pay you.

Second, the longer they can hold on to the money they owe you for your claim, the more interest it can earn. If they pay you right away, they won’t earn as much interest.

Finally, insurance companies bank on you not knowing about the statute of limitations. Florida law provides a specific amount of time for claimants to file a legal claim. The deadline is based on the type of claim. For example, an injury claim has a four-year statute of limitations. Suppose you don’t file a legal claim within the applicable statute of limitations. In that case, you lose your legal rights to pursue compensation. Even the best Orange County insurance claims lawyer can’t help you if this happens.

Let a Skilled Orange County Insurance Claims Attorney Fight Your Delayed Claim

Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you by delaying your claim. When you hire an Orange County insurance claims attorney from the Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, you might not only recover the full payment you deserve on the original claim but also be awarded monetary damages and penalties for the wrongs you have suffered as well. We are a firm that is committed to ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve, whether that be from a damage or injury claim or because your insurance company treated you unfairly. To learn more about how we can help you, call (407) 588-0343 or contact us online today.

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