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There are many reasons why you should hesitate to answer in-depth questions from insurance adjusters, as saying the wrong thing can jeopardize the payment you receive or even result in a denial of your claim. Let an Orange County insurance claims lawyer handle your claim. 

Insurance claims are less about your insurer fairly paying you and more about their games. They often try to get you to say something damaging or something they can twist to damage your claim. If they are successful at either of these tasks, you might not get as much as you deserve for your claim, or worse yet, you could be denied compensation. 

Once you file your insurance claim, you can expect a call from your assigned insurance adjuster within a few days. When they call, they will ask for a recorded statement about your claim. Since they may genuinely seem concerned and friendly, you might feel obligated to give one. The adjuster might even make it seem like it’s mandatory. 

However, you aren’t required to give a recorded statement. If you have already hired an Orange County insurance claims lawyer, politely request that they call your attorney. If you haven’t hired one yet, tell them you want to speak to an attorney before giving such a statement. Keep in mind that even if you aren’t giving a recorded statement, anything you tell them could be used against you in your claim. They may try to get you to admit that your injuries aren’t that serious or that you are more liable for the accident than the other driver.

No matter what kind of insurance claim you file, it’s crucial to work with an experienced Orange County insurance claims attorney who can help ensure that the insurance company doesn’t take unfair advantage of you. 

What Not to Say to the Insurance Adjuster

It’s best to avoid speaking with the insurance adjuster altogether. Instead, refer them to your Orange County insurance claims attorney. However, if you do end up speaking to them, keep these things in mind to avoid. 

Don’t Admit Fault

By admitting fault, you are essentially telling the insurance company that your injuries are the result of your own negligence. Your adjuster will likely be able to use your admission as a reason to deny your claim.

Don’t Agree to Sign a Medical Release

If you are asked to sign a form to give the insurance company access to your medical records, be very cautious. Providing access to all of your medical history might lead adjusters to find old injuries or conditions that they can claim are causing your current medical problems rather than the accident.

Don’t Agree to the First Settlement Offer

The initial settlement offer is often just scraping the top of what they can and should pay you. Adjusters often offer low initial settlements hoping that you’re desperate enough for compensation that you’ll agree to any offer. You have a right to full and fair compensation, and you can and should fight for it.

Don’t Disparage the At-Fault Party  

Unfortunately, complaining about “the jerk that caused my car accident” won’t help your claim. Getting worked up about the accident may cause you to slip up and say something you didn’t mean to say and ruin your claim. It’s simply not worth it.

Talk to a Knowledgeable Orange County Insurance Claims Attorney 

Instead of talking to the insurance adjuster and risk damaging your claim, speak to a knowledgeable Orange County insurance claims attorney at the Law Offices of Jerrod Paul who can protect your interests. Call (407) 588-0343 or contact us online today.

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