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Property damage can be costly, but it can also be risky and cause injuries if the property is not safe. Take steps to ensure your property is safe, and then speak with an Orlando property damage claim lawyer about the insurance process. 

Natural disasters leave a wide path of devastation in their wake. Affected homeowners are left to manage the cleanup. Between 1980 to 2018, the U. S. experienced 230 weather and climate disasters that cost over $1 billion, for an astounding overall cost of $1.5 trillion. In 2017 alone, natural disasters came with a price tag of over $306 billion. Even smaller disasters can leave homes destroyed. 

When the disaster is over, swift action is essential. Mistakes can be very costly. Homeowners need to know how to ensure their property is safe after it’s suffered damage. They might also want to consider hiring an experienced Orlando property damage claim lawyer to help handle their claim. Here are the steps you need to take when your property has been damaged.

Go Back Home

Return home as soon as it is safe to do so. To prevent theft, vandalism, or additional damage to your home, getting back to your property as quickly as possible. However, be sure to wait until you have the all-clear from emergency professionals to not endanger yourself, your family, or someone else. If you are ever in doubt, wait until you know for sure that it is safe.

Shut Off Your Utilities

Have your utilities shut off. Electricity and gas running to a damaged home are hazardous. Water can cause additional flooding and water damage. Contact the utility companies to ensure they are disconnected until after your home has recovered. You can easily have your utilities turned back on once the time comes.

Take Inventory of the Damages

Thoroughly survey your property and closely document anything you need to repair temporarily. Make sure you inspect all rooms and levels both inside and out. Then you can make a list of supplies you might need to purchase or other measures you need to take. 

Prevent More Damage

Prevent any further damage to your property and start making temporary repairs. Secure the property to prevent theft and additional water damage. You can use waterproof tarps and board up broken windows or doors. Use waterproof tarps to protect your furnishings or remove them to store elsewhere. Making these types of repairs can help prevent additional damage while you wait for permanent repairs to be made. Take any other steps to avert issues while you turn your attention to recovery.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you haven’t done so already, contact your insurance provider as quickly as possible after the disaster is over. After a natural disaster, there can be a backup of claims. The sooner you submit yours, the sooner your home will be in its previously safe condition. An experienced Orlando property damage claim attorney can help you file your claim and work to obtain fair compensation for it.

Call a Seasoned Orlando Property Damage Claim Attorney Today

When your home is damaged after a disaster, life is stressful. Having to worry about your insurance claim and whether you will get the money you need or not only increases that stress. Let a seasoned Orlando property damage claim lawyer from the Law Offices of Jerrod Paul help. Call (407) 588-0343 or contact us online today for your consultation.

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