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Nearly all Floridians face a very real risk of flooding and, as a result, need to purchase separate flood insurance to help ensure that their investments in their homes – and their homes themselves – are well protected.

Florida is a beautiful state that has much to offer. Florida’s geography, however, ensures that flooding is a serious risk for many of its residents. Further, insurance that covers most flooding isn’t generally included in homeowner’s policies, which means that, yes, to help ensure that you are fully covered in the event of damage from flooding, you should purchase a separate flood insurance policy. A flood can seriously damage – or even destroy – your home, and the sooner you begin the repair process, the better off you’ll be. If your home has been damaged by flooding, you need an experienced Orange County insurance claims attorney on your side.

Damage to Your Home

After a flood, it’s critical that you accurately assess the damage to your home – pictures and videos depicting the damage are useful. Further, your home will need to be professionally examined and inspected to professionally assess the full extent of damage, including any hidden damage, and your insurance company will send out an adjuster for this purpose. Because the damage caused by flooding is typically extensive and can lead to serious future damage, such as mold, working closely with a knowledgeable insurance claim attorney will help ensure that you obtain an accurate assessment of your home’s full spectrum of damages – in their entirety. 

Common Forms of Flood Damage

Your homeowner’s claim will be unique based on the circumstances of your case, but there are several categories of damage related to flooding that commonly apply, including:

  • Structural Damage – Structural damage refers to damage to your home’s foundational structure, which is not only exceptionally dangerous but is also extremely costly to repair. This can include damage to your home’s walls and floors, to the roof and ceilings, to the electrical wiring and components, to the plumbing, and to the insulation. Every aspect of your home’s structure must be carefully examined to ensure that it’s fully covered in your claim.
  • Damage to Your Home’s Contents – Your home is full of valuable and important belongings – some of which have immense sentimental value – and these belongings can be decimated in a flood. Keeping a current inventory of your home’s contents is a great way to verify your full range of losses.
  • Mold and Mildew – Flooding can lead to unsightly, odorous, and unhealthy mold that can damage the structural integrity of your home and is also difficult and costly to eradicate. 

Reach Out to an Experienced Orange County, Florida, Insurance Claims Attorney Today 

If your home’s been damaged by flooding, the dedicated Orange County insurance claims attorneys at The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, have considerable experience successfully advocating for the favorable resolution of cases just like yours. We care about your case, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (407) 588-0343 today.

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