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  • Recovering for Broken Windows from Storm Debris

    Having your home battered by a storm is defeating at best. If your insurance company doesn’t want to settle for what your claim is worth, it only adds to your defeat. Stop trying to convince them of what your broken window recovery should be, and let an experienced attorney help. Most America[...]

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  • Did You Sustain Storm Damage in 2020?

    Hurricanes and other storms can cause devastating and irreparable damages. Having your insurance company deny or devalue your claim only stands to make matters worse. An insurance claims lawyer can help fight for the compensation you deserve. The 2020 hurricane season was predicted to be an ext[...]

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  • Preparing a Persuasive Insurance Claim

    Many insurance claimants unfairly have their claims denied. Ensuring you have a persuasive claim from the start can help you get the compensation you deserve no matter what type of claim you need to file. Hiring an attorney is the best way to accomplish this.  Whether you were involved in [...]

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  • Why You Might Need an Insurance Claims Lawyer

    While legal representation is not a requirement when making an insurance claim, it is always helpful to speak to an attorney before doing so. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of claimants. With an attorney on your side, your interests will be protected. Whether you’ve be[...]

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  • What is a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

    All insurance companies have an "implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing" duty to their clients. If an insurance carrier doesn't act in good faith and deal fairly with you, you could have grounds to file a bad faith insurance lawsuit. Insurance companies are held to a high standard by l[...]

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  • FAQs About Homeowners Insurance

    Homeowners should understand their insurance policies, what is covered, and how to file a claim. Sometimes they might need an attorney on their side to ensure they receive full and fair compensation for their losses. The topic of homeowners insurance can be overwhelming, especially if you are b[...]

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