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Insurance Claims

  • Do You have the Complete Insurance Coverage You Need?

    It is imperative that you purchase all types of insurance coverage that are needed to protect your property. Even with this coverage, you might run into problems with insurance claims, and an Orange County insurance claims attorney can help.  Insurance coverage is an essential part of taki[...]

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  • Was Your Property Insurance Denial in Bad Faith?

    An insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer. You pay your premiums, and when and if you suffer a loss, they help pay for it. However, it's rarely this simple, especially when insurance companies attempt to act in bad faith. Having an experienced Orlando insurance lawyer by your [...]

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  • Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Limit Payments

    Too many people have valid insurance claims greatly reduced by insurance companies when they make their payment offers. Do not fall for their tactics and accept less than you deserve. Instead, contact an experienced Orlando insurance claims lawyer. You pay premiums to your insurance company for[...]

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  • Handling an Insurance Claim Denial

    Having your insurance claim denied can feel like a slap in the face. However, if your claim is denied, you have options. You have the right to appeal your claim and to hire legal representation.  You’ve paid your insurance premiums in full and on time. You submitted a thorough claim, ensurin[...]

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  • What to Do Right After Property is Damaged

    The steps you take right after your property is damaged can impact not only your safety but also your insurance claim. Among other things, you’ll need to protect your property from further damages. A property damage attorney can help you as you pursue your claim. Whether your home or business[...]

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  • Who Decides the Value of Your Insurance Claim?

    Most insurance claimants would say that the insurance company determines the value of their claim. However, this is only true if you let them. You don’t have to accept what they want to give you. Instead, you can seek the advice of an attorney and explore your options.  You pay your insu[...]

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