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Having your home battered by a storm is defeating at best. If your insurance company doesn’t want to settle for what your claim is worth, it only adds to your defeat. Stop trying to convince them of what your broken window recovery should be, and let an experienced attorney help.

Most Americans look forward to the warmer spring and summer weather as it brings sunshine and additional outdoor recreational opportunities. For residents of hurricane-prone areas like Orlando, the warmer weather also brings anxiety about potential storms. If these storms have impacted your home, you are familiar with this anxiety. 

One common issue that homeowners face after a strong storm is broken windows. Windows can be costly, and sometimes it’s an uphill battle for homeowners to recover the compensation they deserve for them. If your windows were damaged in a storm and you are worried you might not receive what you should from your insurance claim, call an experienced Orlando property damage claim lawyer.

How an Orlando Property Damage Claim Attorney Can Help

An Orlando property damage claim lawyer can help you with your window damage claim recovery in many ways. First, when the insurance company learns that you are represented by legal counsel, they will take your claim seriously. With an attorney by your side, they know that they can’t swindle you into a low and unfair recovery.

Next, your lawyer can ensure you have all of the necessary evidence to prove your claim. This might include receipts and pictures. They can carefully examine your insurance documents to determine what kind of coverage you have and how much. Another important job for your attorney is to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance adjuster.

Mitigating Your Damages

Lawyers can also ensure that you take steps to mitigate your damages after the storm. As a policyholder, you have a duty to mitigate your damages. In other words, you need to take any practical steps to decrease the amount of damage your home suffers. When it comes to windows, this might include:

  • Checking the glass for breakage but also minor chips or small dings
  • Inspecting the frames for dings or dents as well as broken seals, discoloration, or even leaks
  • Removing any fallen glass debris both inside and outside
  • Getting your windows replaced as soon as possible
  • Protecting your home from further weather damage by boarding up your windows or using some other protective measure if they can’t be replaced immediately

Keep in mind that minor damage can become significant with time and various weather conditions.

An Orlando Property Damage Claim Attorney Can Help You Receive the Recovery You Deserve

If your home suffered severe damage due to a storm, you’ve already been through enough. You shouldn’t have to battle your homeowners’ insurance carrier to be paid the money you’re rightfully owed under your policy. Our Orlando property damage claim lawyers will take on your burden. We’ll work tirelessly to resolve your claim quickly.

To speak with one of our skilled Orlando property damage claim lawyers, and receive your free case review, reach out to the reputable Law Offices of Jerrod Paul. Call (407) 588-0343 or contact us online today.

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Join our family, where you are a name not a number! Contact us now to see what your case is worth.