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  • What Constitutes Insurance Bad Faith?

    Insurance companies might act in bad faith by delaying the processing of a claim, telling a claimant they do not need a lawyer, or offering to pay much less than a claim is worth. An insurance claims attorney can help you if your insurance company is acting in bad faith. When it comes to insura[...]

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  • Do I Need a Lawyer for a Storm Damage Claim?

    If your home has been damaged in a storm, that is what your homeowner’s insurance policy is for, and you should not settle for compensation that does not cover the full scope of your home’s damages, contact an experienced lawyer.  Florida certainly sees its fair share of dangerous storms, [...]

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  • Do You Need a Separate Flood Insurance Policy?

    Nearly all Floridians face a very real risk of flooding and, as a result, need to purchase separate flood insurance to help ensure that their investments in their homes – and their homes themselves – are well protected. Florida is a beautiful state that has much to offer. Florida’s geogra[...]

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  • Will a Homeowner’s Claim be Delayed Due to Coronavirus?

    Coronavirus has slowed our lives considerably, but it shouldn’t make your homeowner’s claim drag on. Obtain the compensation you need to repair your home to your specifications by working closely with a dedicated insurance claims attorney. The coronavirus has altered how we go about our liv[...]

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  • Can You Still File Injury Claims During a Pandemic?

    Just because the world is increasingly on lockdown each day due to the COVID-19 outbreak does not mean that life has come to a screeching halt. While your day-to-day might be different than usual, you still must fill the hours with your family by engaging in different activities around the house. [...]

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