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  • Will a Homeowner’s Claim be Delayed Due to Coronavirus?

    Coronavirus has slowed our lives considerably, but it shouldn’t make your homeowner’s claim drag on. Obtain the compensation you need to repair your home to your specifications by working closely with a dedicated insurance claims attorney. The coronavirus has altered how we go about our liv[...]

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  • Can You Still File Injury Claims During a Pandemic?

    Just because the world is increasingly on lockdown each day due to the COVID-19 outbreak does not mean that life has come to a screeching halt. While your day-to-day might be different than usual, you still must fill the hours with your family by engaging in different activities around the house. [...]

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  • What Caused Your Commercial Truck Crash?

    Hundreds of thousands of commercial trucks are involved in accidents each year, many of which result in serious injuries to other motorists. After a crash, it is important for victims to get treatment for their injuries. Then, you should speak with a legal professional about what caused the truck [...]

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  • Did You Slip and Fall While Grocery Shopping?

    Whether you make a weekly trip to the grocery store or you visit the store nearly every day for a few forgotten items, you likely don’t think twice about navigating the aisles of food and other household necessities - that is until you slip and fall down while shopping and end up in the emergenc[...]

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  • Protect Your Rights after a Car Accident

    After a car accident, you might know that you suffered injuries and that another driver was at fault. However, your opinion will not always be credible evidence in an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. In order to ensure your rights are fully protected, there are different steps you shoul[...]

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  • Common Injury Risks in the Fall

    With the temperatures cooling off a bit in the Orlando area, many people are celebrating that fall is in full swing. Whether you like decorating for Halloween or enjoying a pumpkin spice latte, you should also be aware of the changing accident and injury risks that come with the changing seasons. [...]

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Join our family, where you are a name not a number! Contact us now to see what your case is worth.